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 Maria and the Stars of Nazca


Maria and the Stars of Nazca, by Anita Jepson-Gilbert, is a bilingual children’s picture book depicting the Nazca Lines of Peru and their discoverer Maria Reiche, who spent most of her life studying and working to preserve them. The story, written in English and Spanish, simultaneously, is told in short, poetic lines. Its style blends reality and fantasy in order to appeal to young readers and to illustrate the relation of the Lines and Figures to the stars, a theory proposed by Maria Reiche, herself, after years of careful calculation. Illustrations are full two-page spreads to give the impression of the enormity of the Nazca line drawings. Each figure is an artistic model based on actual aerial photographs.

Who can benefit from Maria and the Stars of Nazca and accompanying Audio of the book in English and Spanish?

  • Students reading at a 4th grade level or higher in English or Spanish.

  • Teachers of South American geography will find this a valuable supplement to arouse their students' interest in this extraordinary Peruvian site.

  • Young students wishing to do their own research on the subject of the Nazca Lines or Maria Reiche.

  • Elementary and middle school libraries should carry it for both teachers and their students.

  • Language students of Spanish or English may hear, understand and practice telling the story in two languages.

  • Parents of either language who enjoy reading to their children.

  • Because the Nazca Lines intrigue adults as well as children, this book will inform and delight readers of all ages in either language.

Grab your copy now!!!

(Left half of an illustrated, bilingual page showing English text)


(Right half of the same page showing Spanish text)


Full Monkey Page


(Left half of an illustrated, bilingual page showing English and Spanish text)

(Right half of the same page, showing illustration)


(Full view of same text and illustration)





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