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Author Visits

During her author visits, Anita Jepson-Gilbert will read from her poetic book, Maria and the Stars of Nazca / María y las Estrellas de Nazca. Children will watch a power-point or slide presentation about the Nazca Lines and then engage in related activities. Black line masters featuring the Nazca drawings are available on this website under Resources.

This exciting, hands-on program can be tied into the following classes:


Art – Recreate the famous Nazca Line drawings through a variety of art projects while listening to Peruvian music.


ESL/Spanish/Bilingual – These students will love participating in the reading of this book, especially children who can read in Spanish.  The accompanying bilingual CD can be played to help them pronounce the English or Spanish text.


Social Studies – Learn about a Pre-Incan culture existing before 650 in Peru.

Language Arts – Draw and write about other Nazca drawings not included in the book. Since many believe the drawings to be created by different clans to represent their family, a popular activity has been for children to draw an image that would represent their family and then to write about it.


Mathematics – Plot a Nazca design or put together geometric puzzles, featuring the ancient drawings.

“This book makes a great addition to bilingual classrooms, as well as a resource for South American culture and history.”

--Patricia Dubrava--Spanish teacher, author and translator

  To schedule a program or to obtain prices, contact:

                    Anita Jepson-Gilbert


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